F2B Loans

A comprehensive solution for all financing activities

F2B Loans is a web-based software solution managing the entire Front to Back loan acquisition and management process. It is a complete loan servicing platform that enables banks and financial institutions to offer the full set of loan functionalities in one single integrated and scalable solution.

All types of private and professional loans are covered :

  • Consumer loans,
  • Installment loans,
  • Mortgage loans,
  • Investment credits,
  • Commercial loans,
  • Term advances,
  • Revolving credits,
  • Leasing, …

The entire loan lifecycle is covered

Each loan request has a global lifecycle than can be summarized as follows :

  1. Simulation
  2. Encoding request
  3. Scoring
  4. Analysis & Decision
  5. Document generation & signature
  6. Back-office management

Each of these stages can be divided into sub-stages that can easily be parameterized in our F2B Loans solution.

Looking to increase efficiency and reduce operating costs ?

Thanks to the integrated workflow, the end-user is intuitively guided through the different loan processes. As indicated in the figure above, the solution comes with a scoring module and has extensive possibilities for automated decision making, allowing to significantly reduce the loan acquisition duration and to optimize the loan management process.

F2B Loans can be connected to external online business information providers for downloading or consulting the most recent information about the financial position and ratios of the borrower(s) without manual user intervention.

The integrated document management module allows to generate all types of documents with barcode and to upload external documents (docx, xlsx, pfg, msg, ...). Combined with the scanning recognition module it is possible to achieve a high degree of automation.

Document Management

Banks, brokers, agents, distributors or credit institutions that have installed F2B Loans benefit from a large range of advantages: the solution can be connected to any third party system, is multilingual, modular, SOA based, user friendly, 24/7 available and scalable.

Finally, F2B Loans has been developed using market standards, allowing the bank to significantly reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Degroof Petercam uses F2B Loans for the Front to Back management of its client loans. During the acquisition phase, the decisions of the credit committee can be directly introduced on an iPad or any other device.  


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